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Welcome to the Reikoku, EVE Online[1], Corporation Wiki.

Reikoku [RKK] is one of the oldest still-active corporations in EVE, having been formed in the early days of the game in 2003. Reikoku has been at the forefront of the PVP scene since its inception as a frigate based mercenary corporation over a decade ago.

Reikoku has a deep seated and colourful history in EVE's nullsec politics, having had been one of the founding corporations of some of the most infamous alliances.

"In death, as in life, we are Relentless"

The corporation's motto defines it perfectly to the very core, years pass, people come and go, alliances rise and fall, the game and politics transform with time, however Reikoku remains, standing steadfast and proud.

Today Reikoku have found a comfortable home in Pandemic Legion, one of it's own past rivals.

Who we are

Reikoku is firstly and foremost PVP focused and driven by the desire to defeat our rivals, achieve glory and salvage wrecks. We recruit people solely with PVP in mind, we do not have a separate logistical only wing for non-pvp members, instead our logistics are made up of dedicated (and slightly masochistic) PVP'ers who use their expertise in other areas of the game to benefit the group as a whole.

While people who assist in non-pvp related work are recognised, often rewarded, and usually more likely to progress through the ranks quicker, this is not something that we require, our main focus will always be PVP, and those who create PVP content will be rewarded the greatest (read: FC's).

We are a group of generally chill and friendly individuals, we encourage socialising primarily on IRC and Mumble, outside of playing hours also where possible, we usually have anywhere between 15-40 people on our private IRC. The above said you should be aware that a thick skin is required, and an ability to not implode when trolled is highly recommended, for your longevities sake.

What we offer our members is a secure and focused long term internet spaceship home to those who are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to become part of the family, its how its been for over 10 years, and undoubtedly will continue until the day TQ is turned off by CCP.

Most of our leadership and general memberbase have seen their fair share of large commitments ingame and out over the years, and from this we have built a reasonable expectation of what we wish to see from our members in terms of activity and participation. We have achievable goals for our members to hit each month, and for those that are taken away from the game due to whatever reason we have the possibility of returning once these are solved. (note: this is regarding full members, trial members have high expectations set upon them).


Reikoku has a stream-lined and relatively straightforward application process, please be sure to have a read of the above sections to make sure you are what we are looking for, and we are what you are expecting.

We are recruiting across ALL time-zones, but probably not the AUTZ.

Here are the steps you should follow to make contact with a corporate recruiter to start this process:

  • Download either MIRC [2] or Pidgin [3] (mirc is more full featured, pidgin is more user friendly).
  • Install the App (refer to the respective websites install guides for support).
  • Join the following IRC server:
    • (default port).
    • Channel = #reikoku
  • Ask in this channel for a recruiter (they will usually be a channel OPerator - distinguished by a symbol preceding their nickname, an @ in MIRC or a star in Pidgin).
  • Be patient, people don't watch the channel 24/7, line members will generally give you advice on who to contact, someone will eventually get to you.
  • Do not put applications in, in-game, before told to do so by a recruiter, they will be rejected.

Beyond this point you should also expect the following:

  • A Q+A questionnaire that you will be required to fill in, and complete, fully and accurately - this includes FULL API [4] keys for ALL your characters.
  • A 72 hour period where your Q+A is judged internally.
  • If accepted you will be placed on a three month trial period, in which you will be judged on the following:
    • Your personality
    • In-game ability on technical skill, knowledge and learning new concepts
    • You will be required to show active fleet op participation i.e. killmail count or proof of logi/booster/scouting roles
    • *Required* to lead at least one corporation level fleet during your trial period - this is to show creativity, management skills and again willingness.
  • If successful on your trial period you will become a full member of RKK.
    • Sizeable bribes to Annu are welcome - Great things can happen to you for 15 billion ISK donations or more, don't say anything to anyone, just wire it direct to Annu with the reason 'Free vouch'.